NCIFTS Courses

The NCIFTS will be holding a Seminar on Autism Awareness for Emergency Personal
on September 15th 2018 in Alburgh Vermont.
Below is the link to PDF file with all the information.
Please check it out and share with your departments and friends in the service.


REGISTRATION should be done by E-MAIL to the REGISTRAR the link is below..
No registration form needed, only names of people coming and department they are with.

Please include how payment will be made ? Pay-Pal or Mail ?


P.O.Box 456 South Hero,Vt. 05486

If you send payment by mail, please make sure it gets to us before Seminar date. Thank you.
Special autism seminar $35.00

Student Regulations
1. Students must be members in good standing of a recognized organization and be a minimum age of 18.
2. All students attending the school must do so with the consent of the head of their organization, verify they are covered by their organizations
insurance and be physically qualified.
3. FULL PROTECTIVE GEAR is required as listed for each specific course. All protective gear must comply with a current approval rating as per the
respective government agency for that type of equipment.
4. HORSE-PLAY / ALCOHOL / DRUGS will not be tolerated. Students found to be involved in this type of activity will be
expelled, not be awarded a certificate nor refunded their fees.
5. It is the student's responsibility, along with the instructor's to keep the classroom & field training sites policed & clean.
6. By virtue of Vermont State Law, smoking is NOT PERMITTED on the grounds of the Alburgh school.
7. This school/corporation is not in any way affiliated with any political party or government, in the United States or Canada,
whatsoever, and does not endorse or recommend, either factually or implied, any of the vendor items on display or used for instruction in any of its programs.


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